This is where I am supposed to tell you all about me so you can get to know me better. So, here goes.

Hi there! My name is Amanda! I am first and foremost a Mom.  I have a day job and I love to work on my fitness and cook and hopefully I love this blog.  However, what I love the most is my family.  My good looking hunk of a husband, who really encouraged and got me started on my fitness journey and my three sweet girls, Abby and Cate, my 4 year old twins and my sweet baby Ava. They are my life, my light and they are my why.

What else do I love, cooking. I LOVE to cook and eat, well mostly eat.  Cooking food that people like makes me feel good. Eating makes everyone feel good, if the food is good. Life is all about what makes you happy.

I also love to workout, to move.  I am so blessed with a body that can do most things if I push it that far.  I love to pick up heavy things and put them back down, I love to do a lot of fast, sometimes ridiculous, things back to back, I love to box. There are so many things I love to do to get in my work out but one thing I don’t love is running. Yuck.

Well, that is a little bit about me.  I hope you find this blog inspiring, useful and funny.